The Power of Prayer

It was the Fall of 2004 when we first met the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters. As our child entered middle school, we decided to volunteer, but we did not know where to do it, so we contacted the Diocese of Jeonju and asked where we can do our voluntary service. They led us to the sisters who take care of girls and young ladies in a group home called “Amigo Home” and from then on, we started volunteering.

We went to visit Amigo Home and seeing that there were children, so as we run a chicken restaurant, told the sisters that every month we will give the chicken to the children, and the sisters joyfully accepted our offer. It has been sixteen years since we come in contact with the sisters and the girls of Amigo Home.

We believe that a place like Amigo Home is necessary for our society right now. At a time when there is a shortage of institutions that lovingly protect children with nowhere to go, Amigo Home is truly a facility that society needs. Of course, the children who come here are very difficult, but I believe that the children who come here have been blessed by God. It is true that it is difficult to take care of even our own children. But taking care of these difficult children with greater love than that of a mother is impossible without “the power of prayer” as the Sisters said.

Once, when one of the girls of Amigo Home was admitted to the hospital, we saw the sisters taking turns in taking care of her, we thought, that no one would do the same even to one’s own child.

We wish there were more facilities like this and that the children could stay with the sisters until they grow up and become adults until they can make their own decisions and take responsibility for themselves. When we first went to Amigo Home, we were unaware of the need for such a facility, but now we believe that such facilities are essential for the safety and growth of children.

It is so humbling that the sisters consider us as God’s gift to them. We hope the sisters are always healthy and would take care of themselves so they can continue to take care of the most vulnerable and needy children, as their Father Founder, Luis Amigo asked of them.

We are thankful to God for the opportunity that He had given to us to share the little that we have. And thanks to the Capuchin Sisters for welcoming us as part of the Amigo Home Family. Indeed, we are also truly blessed as God called our youngest daughter to Religious Life.



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