The process of formation is not reduced to its initial phase, since by human limitation the consecrated person can never suppose that she has completed the bringing to birth that new woman that stirs within, or of possessing at every circumstance of life the same sentiments of Christ. Therefore, initial formation connects with On-going Formation, creating in the person the availability of allowing oneself to be formed all the days of her life.

Our Plan for Formation assumes On-going Formation as a fundamental strategy of the entire process of formation. The motivations for such an option derives above all from the intrinsic exigencies of religious consecration which commits the whole person in a continuous process of configuration with Christ; to be aware that the life and future of the Congregation depends greatly on On-going formation, that is, of the process of formation that each Sister live with responsibility and that in creative e fidelity to our own charism that we share with the new generation (cfr. GPF 102-104)