Am I qualified?

by: Sr. Jovelyn Magbanua,tc

When we talk about religious life, one of the common questions is “Am I qualified?” or the famous line is “I am not worthy”. But I would like to begin this with a quotation from 1 Corinthians 1:27-29 “God doesn’t call the Qualified He qualifies the Called”.

When we look at the apostles, none of them were qualified at the beginning but what can inspire us is that they persevere in their calling (except Judas Iscariot). Maybe some of us would ask if Jesus committed mistakes in choosing Judas Iscariot as one of the apostles? For sure Jesus did not commit mistakes, they persevered in their calling with the grace given to them.

Recalling my own vocation story, it was not in my option to become a religious sister. Just like any other young girl who is studying in college, I was full of dreams, dreams of my own. It was not a bad dream (to finish my studies, to look for a good job, to build my own dream house and to travel to many places, if blessed enough I may find my perfect man) but then everything changed when I felt the deep call within. A voice whispered to me “Why am I here, what is my purpose in life?”. Then I realized the dreams that I had for myself were not in line with the plans of God for me. God has always a greater plan for each one of us than what we think of.

It is really the Lord who called me to walk in this path. I am not also qualified and even worthy in this calling but with the grace of God, He continuously works on me to become qualified. As I remember one of my fears is what if I’m not qualified for this life. Like anybody here on earth, we are all the same yet at the same time, unique. The same in the sense that all of us are not perfect yet we desire to be perfect as the Father, we all commit mistakes, we have our own limitations and weaknesses but it’s not an excuse not to respond to our vocation. All of us were given unique gifts for His glory. When God calls the person, He always accompanies it with His grace. The grace to perseverance only happens when we allow ourselves to be molded by Him. When we enter the convent it’s not because we are already Saints, rather we desire to become little saints with all our lapses.

It is always good to put importance to the Caller not the Called because the caller is the one who always sustains the Called. And it is God who is our ultimate caller. Indeed “God doesn’t call the Qualified He qualifies the Called”.

Are you also willing to be qualified? The answer can be found in the deepest desire of our hearts.

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