By: Mrs. Espectacion Toledo

As Lay Amigonians we are happy and grateful to be part of this family, it teaches us the value of faithfulness and live our life with the charism of Fr. Luis Amigo. We had a lot of experiences with our different activities and projects to help other people, like marriage enrichment, visiting the sick and praying with them, rosary every week with the community of Cabug, an outreach program by giving food packs and toiletries to the poor people of Purok Malipayon , visiting the jail in Handumanan, to bring food and have  bible sharing with them, we have also monthly adoration where we are nourished with the Word of God, listening to Him as we pour out our concerns with our respective family.

In order to have funds for our other activities, we are having caroling every December. We had also special project (kiosk),as our venue for our weekly meeting, part of our activities is recreational like outing together with our family in other place.

However during this pandemic, we cannot have all the activities that we used to do before, we need to adapt the new normal of the pandemic. But it doesn’t mean that our being together as a group stops. We continue to be nourished in our faith in spite of the distance. And this is the true identity and profile of being a Lay Amigonian.

   During the pandemic, some of our members were able to participate in the webinar offered by Anugraha Institute in India about “FAMILY ENRICHMENT WEBINAR”. It was a meaningful experience for them to receive insight and be able to impart it to others esp. this time of the many challenges within the family.

    Around November last year, we resumed our activity and weekly meetings little by little with the accompaniment of Sr. Antonieta. We had our Advent recollection, Christmas gift-giving, etc. and we are so happy to be back again wherein we can share and grow together in our commitments as lay Amigonians. And we are looking forward to our coming activities this year like Lenten recollections, preparing for holy week, going to confession, and organizing weddings with couples who did not yet receive the sacrament of matrimony.

              We are so grateful to the sisters who accompany us on our journey. We are trying to live the true spirituality of being a lay Amigonian as Fr. Luis dreamed for us. We are laity who are called to holiness with a proper secular mission, we feel drawn by the life and spirit of St. Francis and Luis Amigo, we are builders of fraternity, simple prayer and lifestyle, living our commitments and contribute to the freshness and renewal in the church. It is then that we the Lay Amigonians can transform the world through our simple way

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