Entrance to the Apirancy

On the Feast of the Epiphany, in Nazareth community, Sri Lanka, the sisters welcomed Caroline Frances Jayasiri as she enters the Apirancy.

The decline of vocation to the Religious Life in most of the countries all over the world is a reality that the whole Church is facing and brought to the Congregations drastic changes. But, the Lord of the harvest continues to call young men and women to work in His vineyard. 

Thus, nowadays, it is very seldom that vocations come to knock on the door of the convents. But, Caroline Frances, attentive to the voice of the Good Shepherd, came searching for the Congregation of the Capuchin Sisters of the Holy Family. After the search, she finally found the contact of the Parish Priest who immediately informed the sisters.

God’s call  continues to linger in the hearts that knows how to listen!

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