5th Day of the V Vice Provincial Chapter

“Remember your mercies, O Lord” is the responsorial Psalm for today’s Psalm, Psalm 25 that Fr. Roy Christian Jesulgon reiterated in his homily on the 5th day of the Chapter, March 14, 2023. This was aptly said to the Capitulars and to the new Government Team of the Vice Province proclaimed yesterday, who need God’s mercy to carry out their responsibilities, all their desires and aspirations as generators of life.

In the conference after the Chapter Routine, the Capitulars were privileged to have an on-line talk directly from Vietnam with Most Reverend Joseph Dao, Bishop Emeritus of Xuan Loc Diocese, Vietnam. In his beautiful talk on ¨Consecrated Women, Generators of Life”, he was asking the sisters “What is this life?” He quoted John 1:4, saying that Christ is life. The challenge now is how to present Christ in the present world. Bishop Dao gave a nice reminder of the centrality of Christ in our existence to be an effective channel in going to the heart of the people.

After the talk, the presentation of the proposed Objective and the Chapter Commitments by the Commission on Redaction followed. There was then an open forum with a good participation of the Capitulars where it can be seen the synergy in mind and heart as sisters having the same goal and desire for the good of the Congregation.

In the afternoon, the approval of the proposed Objective and Chapter Commitments took place and the result of the Chapter’s evaluation was presented.

It was a delight for the Capitulars to greet the Community of the General House even if it was only on-line, a moment of exchanging wishes and expressing gratefulness for the Vice Province of St. Clare, Asia and the General Superior, Council and Community.

This day finished with everyone feeling blessed, grateful, satisfied and hopeful.

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