2nd Day of the V Vice Provincial Chapter

What’s best than starting the day praising the Lord together as Sisters in the Lauds, and receiving Him in the Holy Eucharist, while filling the air with melodious songs that touch hearts and with high hopes that it is reaching heaven? That’s how the second day of the Vice Provincial Chapter started.

Yesterday, the Council headed by Sr. Angela Maria Martinez as the Vice Provincial Superior, Sr. Daniela Villanueva as the Vicar and the VP Secretary, Sr. Juliet Mantos as in charge of their different Committee, and Sr. Jenemer Torio as the VP treasurer presented their reports for the triennium. Today the Capitulars did their first group work of evaluating the Documents.

In the plenary, words of gratefulness for the Council filled the atmosphere. The work did by the VP Government is laudable. Knowing fully well that it was in the period of pandemic, they had managed to make all the sisters in the VP feel all the more closer to each other with the good use of Media. Also worth noting is the physical improvements, projects of auto sustainability, the formation of the Sisters and many others… What is best commended was the unity and the support among the VP Government that were radiated to the Local Communities.

In addition, the morning was packed with healthy conversations that touch very much the reality of the Vice Province that the time has to be extended.

In the afternoon, the zeal for the betterment of life as Consecrated individuals was more aflamed by the inputs on the topic, Consecrated Women, Generators of Life given by Sr. Josefa S. Aldana, SFIC. Sr. Josefa was citing the points of being faithful to Christ, fidelity to the Charism, fidelity to the mission and fidelity to humanity, which are all best illustrated in the document of our XXIII General Chapter Document that she also presented to the assembly as a challenge for everyone.

That ends the second day of the Chapter. Let us keep on praying with and for the TC Sisters.


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