The Secret of Strength in the Community

by: Marierose Mamigo,tc

Community is, first of all, a quality of the heart, it grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another. Community is the fruit of our capacity to make the interest of others more important than our own. The question is not how we can make a community? But, how can we develop and nurture giving hearts? (HENRI NOUWEN)

     To maintain the joy, the unity within the community is a source of strength to whatever the mission and the journey entails.

         We are emerged in a world of multi-tasking as we respond to the needs and the demands of our Congregational mission in the Church. To remain united as a community will make the missionary journey more harmonious that leads to productivity.

             This is how we are here in Holy Family Home Community. To maintain the unity among us sisters entails positive mental health and emotional maturity where there is always room for mutual respect and understanding; love, care, and support, sincere acceptance and appreciation of each one’s strengths and limitations, light and shadows, beauty and wickedness. More so, a healthy environment where forgiveness is freely and generously offered and given to everyone, wherever there is room for forgiveness, leads the person to her personal growth and fruitfulness.

       We try our best daily to be faithful observers of our community project of life that guides and animates us. We become more united at the same time we are so much happy to give testimony to our Charism in the field of reeducation and rehabilitation here with the Holy Family Home Girls. And we carry this task as a community wherein each one has the collaboration.

Time and again, the words of Fr. Luis Amigó resonates in us:

“You must try to have among you a close unity since in it is the secret of strength…You must be the support of each other, bearing each other and overlooking the natural defects of others.”

            More than the words that we preach, our good, harmonious, healthy, and Christ-centered community stands out as a LIVING TESTIMONY before others; that in spite of our personal and communal imperfections, we strive to live as true disciples of the Lord, a community of “ONE in mind and in heart”…

working together
fraternal joy

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