Pandemic of Joy

by: Ofelia G. Fausto

My first encounter with the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters was when Sr. Marigladys came to the Philippines to take charge of the formation of the postulants.  She was looking for someone who can teach the girls some arts and crafts as part of her holistic approach for their training module.  Since I had just concluded a livelihood program for the parish which somehow resembled an artistic project, my name came up and Sr. Marigladys lost no time in locating me.  If I was not mistaken, she met up with me the very week she flew in from Panama!

Despite our language barrier — she, speaking mostly in Spanish and me with my crude Spanish from my college years, we were able to schedule some art classes which resulted in better student projects than what the teacher taught.   That ended my career as an art teacher.

This brief introduction with the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters impressed upon me on how well-rounded these postulants will be when they finally become full-fledged nuns.  It is no wonder that in the ensuing years, I would feel the presence of the Capuchin Sisters in practically all the facets of my parish life.  They are involved with the choir, as Lectors and Commentators, the 2,000 Hail Marys, catechism, feeding program, etc. 

It is the Capuchin Sisters’ sincere personal interest in others that urges them to reach out.  Their strong rapport with the community enables them to link up people in need with people who care and are willing to share. 

One peculiar trait I observe with the Sisters is how they always find joy in little things.  They are always cheerful and keep on smiling.  Their sense of joy is truly contagious.  I guess, if you keep seeing God in every person you meet, you too will experience this special joy!   I hope the Sisters can turn their sense of joy into a pandemic and change this world into a better place.

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