My Encounter with God

by: Anjaneth Lobedica 

           Knowing and meeting the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters is a blessing and a gift. I am BLBBC scholar graduate and am fortunate enough to know the Sisters for almost 5 years.

            Now, as a young professional living and working with the Sisters makes me more mature and helps me broaden my perspective. I could differentiate the potential alignment of personal values with professional activity. And working here unveils two important things between the professional role (work engagement) and the personal role (flourishing at work). Receiving formations since I was a scholar until now turned me into a better version of myself, I am not the immature and low-spirited person I was and I can now manage myself well and knows to control my emotions. I am thankful to the Sisters for they are there always to guide and correct me if I made mistakes.

What I appreciate more is that they help me draw closer to God. I was not a prayerful one, a church person and I always questions God before but thanks to the bible sharing and other formations imparted by the Sisters to us that made me realize how much God loves me and that help me strengthen my faith. If I am the same as I was and problems or trials strike, maybe I get easily stressed, down, or depress but by God’s grace I am much better now and strong enough to face any hardships. As my faith grows deeper the happier I become for I worry less now knowing that God will not let me down and will not give up on me. I was also influenced by working with the Sisters through engagement in social activities like serving the poorest and most disadvantaged people. I like to give with the capacity I have since then and living with the Sisters made me realize that I can still do more every day and in the future. Being kind is always a choice.

              The morals, values, and virtues that I learned from the Sisters are already engraved in me and will not be a waste for I now live with them and I will surely share them with the people around me.

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