Forever Grateful

by: Sr. Luz Maria Buitrago,tc 

The first article of the Nazareth Community Sri Lanka, desires to render a tribute to all the persons who contributed to our first convent in Sri Lanka.

It is impossible not to proclaim the Miracles of God, His love, and never-ending care for us.

We, the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters arrived in Sri Lanka on December 2011 and marvelled over God’s work every day in our lives. Our congregation wanted to establish in Sri Lanka, therefore we started looking for the land. The land itself was a miracle, it was not even for sale, but God always shows the way. Finally, the congregation purchased the land in 2015, with the help of some benefactors.

And here the realization of the dream begins. With Zero Cash balance, but with 100% FAITH, we started the construction of the First Convent for the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters in Sri Lanka that will be used for the house of the sisters and for the formation of the young girls who would like to be a Capuchin Tertiary Sister to continue our mission.

We can recount so many instances when the money was not enough and there God appears to the rescue. From nowhere and we don’t know how, unknown persons just call or send a message saying “Sisters we have something for you”. Many times, the tears come, with our hearts filled with awe, and with the gratefulness of having so many people who reached out to us.

There are several cases and here the Gospel applies, it is not how much you give, it is the love that we feel from each one of you, helping us to realize our dreams.

There was a little boy who donated $17 dollars. For him, it was everything he has. One day he came with his family to visit us, and when he saw our land he shouted: “Dad! Is this the land the sisters bought with the money I sent?” Without any doubt and with tears I said, “Yes. This is the land that we bought with your money but also with the help of others. The joy that I saw in the eyes of this little boy was enough to be proud of all of you that like him do your best for us.

Another person didn’t want to help for construction purposes, but I still ask him to help us for the tiles in the chapel (we always want our chapels to be special, giving the best for God). He did not answer but after a week, he sent 4 times more than the cost of the tiles. And like this we can go on, but each one has the stories and experiences than later they themselves will share with us. The words of the staff in the bank, calling us saying, “Sister, you received another Miracle”. This is the word that we use for this project, “Miracle” because there is no other word or way to explain how God made this house for us.

There is another “Miracle” that is impossible not to mention. One time, in the middle of the construction, we have less than a million rupees in the bank. As usual, WE PRAY AND TRUST, and after a week, two very important donations arrived that we were not expecting. Many times, tears just come out of joy and gratitude. Therefore, this is our tribute to each one of you, who made possible this Miracle convent.

We are forever grateful to those who help us to clean the land, those who gave food, those who help us to build the house, our sisters in Rome, our sisters in the Philippines, our benefactors and friends and those who constructed it – the architect, the engineers, electrician, plumber, labourers, painters, carpenters, suppliers:

This will be a House of blessing for everyone who comes to us.  You are always WELCOME.

Our ONLY WAY FOR US TO SHOW OUR GRATITUDE to each one of you, is the assurance of our prayers.  Dearest friends, you are always in our prayers.  Certainly, God will reward you in due time, here we are like little candles lighted for you and your families every day.

Here in Sri Lanka you are also building history being part of our Family of the Capuchin tertiary sisters, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.  May the Lord bless you and your families.

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